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Acrylic fine particles
TAFTIC™ series
Liquid Water-holding agent

Variations in sheet copper electrical resistance
Hydrogen sulfide absorption
Moisture conditioning performance

(1) Absorbs sulfuric gases that corrode silver and copper.
  Controls problems with electrical equipment by qiuckly absorbing sulfuric gases(hydrogen sulfide,sulfur oxides [SOx],etc that corrode silver and copper,causing trouble of faulty electrical contacts.
(2) Absorbs moisture to prevent condensation-caused short circuits.
(3) Provides significant savings.
  Provides significant savings by decreasing the frequency with which electrical components suffer faulty electrical contacts and need to be replaced.
(4) Changes color to indicate the signal to replace the material.
  Changes in the material's chemical structure as it absorbs corrosive gases cause it to chang colors.(The material cannot be reused once it has changed colors.)

Typical LONGFRESH® Aplications
(1) Electrical equipment and control panels located near chemical plants,paper manufacturing plants, and iron manufacturing plants that generate corrosive gases.
(2) Electrical equipment used near thermal springs that emit corrosive gases.
(3) When packing computers and household appliances storage.
(4) Electrical equipment used near locations that are exposed to exhaust gases.
(5) On computer and audiovisual equipment connectors.

Cost saving
"I am amazed at the level of savings!"
We conducted a follow-up survey to track the number of device failures in a control panel housing 3 inverters, 30timers, and 25 signal converters. Ten kilograms of LONGFLESH® was placed inside the 150-cubic-meter panel,which had an initial hydrogen sulfide concentration of 20 parts per billion.
(Data from Chemical Plant A,2002 to 2003)

Type Target gases Size Material Usage environment Approximate effective Lifetime∴
S Sulfuric gases 33cm×22cm Acrylate:55%
Hydrogen sulfide concentrations of 10 ppb to 100 ppb Use 1 sheet
per 100 L of volume.
∴Effective lifetime varies with the enviroment within which LONGFLESH® is used.

  • Read instruction manual before using product.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and before storing.
  • This product should be treated as flammable waste for disposal pur poses.
  • This product is not edible.

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