Tough and Flexible Industrial Films

Toyobo industrial films boast many characteristics fully satisfying broad ranges of applications.

COSMOSHINE, CRISPER and SEEK are Toyobo's trademarks in Japan.

(Biaxially oriented polyester film)
COSMOSHINE is pre-treated with Toyobo's special technology to maintain both high transparency and slip. Anti-static and easy-adhesion(with other resins)types are available.

(Biaxially oriented polyester film)
TOYOBO ESTER FILM offers excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability and transparency.
Various converted films such as anti-static, easy-release and offset-printing types(SEEK) are available.

(polyester-based synthetic paper)
CRISPER is white opaque polyester-based synthetic paper with inner cavities created using void-generation during film orientation.
Bar-code labels, posters and other commercial prints use CRISPER.

CRISPER cross section
Transparent Conductive Film

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