Assistant director Ichiji Ootani (center) greeting plant staff the day after signing the contracts for Toyobo Brazil.

First to advancement into overseas markets in post-war Japan

In 1955, Toyobo became the first Japanese company in the cotton industry to expand overseas by establishing Toyobo do Brasil Industria Textil Ltda.
At that time, Brazil was undergoing political change, but it had a stable social life, raw cotton could be procured locally, and the market was expanding.
Meanwhile, in the same year Kureha Boseki (which later merged with Toyobo) expanded into El Salvador and established IUSA (Industrias Unidas, S.A.). This was at a time when there was still no Japanese Embassy in El Salvador.

[Trivia] Saburo Hirao (who later became vice-president of Toyobo) poured his heart and soul into, and also risked his life in expanding Kureha Boseki into El Salvador.
Hirao died suddenly in 1973 when returning to Japan via El Salvador from a business trip to Brazil. In praise of his outstanding achievements, Toyobo donated the construction costs to build the “Hirao Saburo Park”. You can often see many families enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the park.