Developed the world's first RO membrane modules for single-pass seawater desalination

Toyobo manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) membrane modules for seawater desalination plants. These modules are employed in water production by seawater desalination plants around the world.

In 1979, Toyobo began the world's first production and sales of RO membrane modules for single-pass seawater desalination. The widespread use of Toyobo modules has earned us a reputation for reliability.

Toyobo's desalination membranes are made of cellulose triacetate (CTA), which has superior resistance to chlorine. This helps prevent bio-fouling of the membrane, the biggest problem during the desalination process. Toyobo's membranes are highly regarded, and are being used to produce high-quality drinking water even in the Middle East, where the warm temperature and high salinity of seawater presents particular problems.
Toyobo membranes have also been in use at Japan's largest seawater desalination plant, in Fukuoka Prefecture, since 2005.