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Products List Introducing the product of High Performance Fibers Department.

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    IZANAS® is used in various fields because of its excellent properties. IZANAS® is yarn made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. and it has the highest level of strength and modulus as an organic fiber (it is about 8 times stronger compared with same weight piano wire). 10mm diameter IZANAS® rope can support up to 20 tons (theoretical value).

  • Tsunooga®

    Tsunooga® is industrial fiber material which has excellent strength and modulus. Tsunooga® surpasses para-aramid fibers in lightness and cut resistance and offers more than twice cut resistance than nylon and polyester fibers.(evaluated using the EN388 coup test method) And low specific weight 0.97g/cm3. Moreover, Tsunooga® provides outstanding resistance to weather and chemicals.

  • ZYLON®

    Poly-p-Phenylene Benzobisoxazole (PBO) fiber ZYLON® is a polybenzazole-based polymer created from molecular design. ZYLON® is high performance fiber produced by the liquid crystal spinning and it has highest level of tensile strength, modulus, heat resistance and flame retardancy as an organic fiber.


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