Highly polymerized copolyester resin that can be dissolved by general purpose organic solvents.
For its dissolution property, this product is used for a variety of paint applications such as paint for cans, PCM (Precoated Metal) or solution type adhesives.
(Mainly used for paint and adhesives)


    • Amorphous type of VYLONcan be dissolved by methylethylketon, toluene or other general purpose organic solvents.
    • Amorphous type of VYLONgives good adhesion to metal, polyester film or PVC film.
    • Amorphous type of VYLONitself gives good formability, and it is cross linkable with melamine, isocyanate and epoxy, etc when tough and durable coating layer is required.
    • The performances such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance, pigment disperse ability, formability and bending performance can be furnished by using highly advanced polymer designing technology.


VYLON® Solvent soluble type

  Grade Form Specific gravity
Tg Molecular
Hydroxyl group value Acid value Features
KOHmg/g KOHmg/g
High Tg 200 Pellet 1.26 67 17,000 6 <2 Adhesion property, general purpose grade
GK-360 Flake 1.24 56 16,000 7 5 Adhesion to PET, weatherability
Intermediate Tg 600 Pellet 1.25 47 16,000 7 <2 Intermediate Tg, general purpose grade
GK-810 Flake 1.17 46 6,000 19 5 Solvent solubility, can overcoat
Low Tg 630 Sheet 1.20 7 23,000 5 <2 Flexibility, solution stability
GK-680 Sheet 1.16 10 6,000 21 <2 Solvent solubility, can overcoat


  • Paint for coil coating (PCM), can coating, binder for magnetic paint, ink binder, adhesive for dry lamination, etc.
  • Agent for film surface treatment, coating agent for receptor of recording media, adhesive for vibration damping steel, adhesive for printed circuit board, etc.

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