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Key advantages

Pioneer of water-washable plate

  • Toyobo as the pioneer of water wash plate started to sale of Printight® for letterpress printing in 1977. Printight® has best reproduction, sharp and fine line, extremely accuracy of plate thickness, resistance of printing. In 1992, we started to sale of Cosmolight® is the world's first water plate for flexo-printing which is also durable to water based ink, as well as solvent based, and UV-inks. We have been leading the letter press printing as the pioneer of water-wash photo-sensitive nylon printing plate.

Development history

History of photo-functional materials department

1977 Started sales of Printight® for letterpress printing
1981 started exporting to overseas countries
1987 Started sales of thick-layer Cosmomask® for screen printing
1992 Started sales of Cosmolight® for flexo printing
1999 Started sales of Cosmolight® NEO type
2002 Started sales of Cosmolight® NS type for label and flexible packaging
Started sales of Printight Y type for sign plates
2003 Obtained ISO 9001
Started sales of CTP type Printight® and Cosmolight®
Changed the name of department from Graphic arts dept. to Photo-functional materials dept.
2005 Shifted location of R&D function from Shiga pref. to Okayama pref.
2006 Developed and started sales of Cosmolight® NH type
2007 Started sales of Printight P type for pad printing
2008 Started sales of Printight L type for label
2015 Started sales of Cosmolight NZ type for label and flexible packaging
2017 Started sales of Printight R type for label
Established TOYOBO Photochemicals and transferred manufacturing division
2020 Started sales of updated Cosmolight NZ type