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  • Toyobo has been leading the letterpress printing as the Pioneer of water washable photo-sensitive nylon printing plate Printight®. Wide range of applications and characteristics of Toyobo Printight® are shown in the site. The CTP (computer-to-plate) technology is to be able to create higher and clear reproduction of screen dots an letters.

    Analog plate


Key advantages

    • 1. Higher and clearer reproduction of screen dots and letters
    • 2. Reduction in total cost
      • a) Unnnecessary to make negative films
      • b) Consistent plate quality due to simplification of plate-making process
      • c) Refuction in personnel costs
    • 3. Impovement of productivity.
      • Shorter plate-making time due to the simplification
      • Laser ablation layer can be washout with tap water easily

Structure of plate


Base Item 版硬度
(Shore D)
Film QF95KC 67 0.95 0.68 1-95%
Label Sharp and fine line
Suitable for flat bed printing
55 0.95 0.68 1-95%
Label, Plastic tube Best reproduction
Outstanding ink transfer
QF95JC 0.95 0.68 Label, Plastic tube Great reproduction and ink transfer
High durability
QF95SB 40 0.95 0.74 1-95%
Business form
Outstanding ink tranfer
Suitable for rotary press
QF70SA 0.7 0.55
QF95BA 25 0.95 0.8 2-95%
Business form
Suitable for varnish coating
and business form
QF95BB 0.95 0.74
Metal QM95KU 67 0.95 0.69 1-95%
Can , Plastic cup Suitable for dry offset printing
QM83KR 0.83 0.53
QM95AR 0.95 0.65
QM83AR 0.83 0.53
QM73AR 0.73 0.43
QM73AU 0.73 0.47
QM95JT 55 0.95 0.69 1-95%
Security printing
Great reproduction and ink transfer
Good dimensional stability
QM73JL 0.73 0.54
QM73JR 0.73 0.43

※Special thickness and size plates can be produced with extra cost and delivery time upon request

Plate-making process

Washout by tap water at room temperature. (no additives required)

  • 1 レーザー描画

    Depicted digital images through an IR laser head to the mask layer directly.

  • 2 露光

    Expose plate to UV light having 360nm wave lengths.

  • 3 洗い出し処理

    Washout exposed plate with water. Use the special washout machine suitable for TOYOBO PRINTIGHT®

  • 4 乾燥

    Dry the plate in hot-air dryer after taking-off the surface water with sponge roll.

  • 5 後露光

    Expose the developed plate after drying again to UV light in order to get stability. Post exposure time.

  • Please follow all the laws and regulations in your district. (Please refer to SDS for details.)
What type of laser equipment is used?
All laser equipments suitable for processing LAMS (Laser Ablation Mask System) plates are applicable.
Why does CTP technology can reproduce higher resolution of screen dots, fine lines and letters than analogue process?
The CTP technology enables digital images to be depicted through on IR laser head directly from computer to the mask layer. So, it can control UV light diffusion and can make a sharp dot.
  • All products are produced with a quality control system as certificated by "ISO 9001" for the world.

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