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  • Printight® Y type is a product that has been developed for sign application.
    It is used by itself as a sign plate, after plate–making process and painting on the surface of the plate.


Key advantages

  • 1. Clear photopolymer.
    Plate can be processed and decorated freely and the possibility of the creative design is extended.
  • 2. Fine image reproduction.
    Due to faithful image reproduction to negative film, plate can be used for various designs.
  • 3. Easy, quick, safe plate-making.
    It can be made with regular plate–making equipment of Printight®.

Processing times

Face exposure
(chemical lamp)
Washout 2'-2'30"※2
Drying 10'(60-70℃)
Post exposure a little bit longer than face exposure time
  • *1 Exposure time, which depends on the kind of lamp, lamp age and image characteristics, should be re–adjusted for optimum plate quality.
  • *2 Water temperature 25℃(77℉).


Grade Gauge
Use example
YA125J 1.25 Aluminum back
Room plate
Number plate
Guide plate
YF95C 0.95 Polyester film

Plate-making process

It can be made with regular plate-making equipment of Printight®.

  • 1 Contact with negative film

    Remove the cover film and place a negative film on the undeveloped plate. Use a negative film having the optical density of no less than 3.0.

  • 2 Exposure

    Expose the plate through the negative film to UV light having 360nm wave length. Determine the correct exposure time using a 21 steps grey scale. Follow "TIPS FOR Printight®" in each case.

  • 3 Washout

    Remove the negative film. Washout the exposed plate with water. Use the special washout machine suitable for TOYOBO Printight®. Washout time depends on the thickness of the plate. Follow "TIPS FOR Printight®" in each case. Rinse the washed out plate with fresh water.

  • 4 Drying

    Dry the plate in a hot-air dryer after taking-off the surface water with a sponge roll . Drying time depends on the type of the plate. Follow "TIPS FOR Printight®" in each case.

  • 5 Post exposure

    Expose the developed plate after drying again to UV light in order to get stability. Post exposure time should be the same or longer than main exposute time.

  • Please follow all the laws and regulations in your district. (Please refer to SDS for details.)


What is the different between Y type and regular Printight?
By virtue of clear and transparent photo-polymer resin, it can be used for creating valuable sign plates with various designs and decorations.
Which application is Y type used for?
Interior sign board (ex. Room plate, Number plate, Braille plate...) and so on.
  • All products are produced with a quality control system as certificated by "ISO 9001" for the world.

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