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Numerous chemical substances are present in the air we breathe. These toxic substances are not only a hazard to a comfortable human life, but are a problem of vital importance to all living beings. Today, protection of the environment on a global scale is considered to be an important issue that demands quick action.
Toyobo, which leads the world in polymer fiber technology nurtured over many long years of experience, committed itself to research ways to bring its activated carbon fiber technology together with technologies to integrate these functional fibers into a series of high-performance filter units. The result of this research is the development of the CHEMIFY® Series of filters capable of effectively removing minute toxic particulate matter from the atmosphere and malodorous constituents floating in the air. By making these high-tech filters available for a wide range of applications, Toyobo is making a significant contribution to creating the next generation of clean environment in areas from personal lifestyles to industry and the arts.
KS Units KD Units KE Units KH Units

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Filter material information