Air Creaning Filter Series
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KE Series units are a revolutionary new product combining activated carbons heets to remove odors and an electret filter to remove dust particles. Their high-performance structural design accomplishes both deodorizing and dust re moval within a single space. These units are compact, easy to handle, and deliver excellent cost-performance.

A dust removal filter and deodorizing filter are formed as a set (see cross- section diagram), eliminating the need to build two separate filter chambers . These outstanding units deliver two functions in a single, compact space.

High Combination Performance
The filter material uses 200 grams of activated carbon per square meter, and is a tough deodorizing filter. The dust removal portion uses a high-performance electret filter, achieving medium- to high-performance levels (65% to 90 % using colorimetry methods) while still remaining compact.

Cross-section diagram

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Filter material information