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Collection mechanism | Type of ELITOLON®

TOYOBO has developed an electret air filter using our own advanced polymeric fiber production technology and its static electricity permanent electrification technology.
Since 1983, this product has been producing and marketing under the trade mark of ELITOLON®.
Because the static electricity in the ELITOLON® fiber makes it possible to collect atmospheric dust from the air extremely effectively, a high collection efficiency can be realized with a low ventilation resistance.
ELITOLON® is widely used for masks, home air conditioners, automotive cabin filters, air conditioning system of building, air purifier, exhaust filter of vacuum cleaner and copy machine and so on.

Collection mechanism
Generally, air filter made by fibrous component collects atmospheric dust by following mechanism.
  1. Inertial impact
  2. Direct interception
  3. Diffusional deposition
  4. Gravitational setting
    In addition to them, collection mechanism of ELITOLON® is based on two electrostatic effects of electret fibers.
  5. Coulombic force
  6. Induced force
The electrostatic effect is kept for a very long time because the electret fibers made of a dielectric synthetic polymer have semipermanent charges.
This phenomenon was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Eguchi in 1924. The sample made by him at that time has been preserved till now and its charges have kept well.

The notion of electrostatic effects

Schematic diagram of collection mechanism by electrostatic effects

TYPE of KF Product

ELITOLON® can be roughly classified into five types which are A type, AA type, U type, NA type and FA type.

Type Product Number Basic Weight(g/m2) Thickness(mm)
A type EF-A-12 12 0.2
EF-A-24 24 0.3
EF-A-36 36 0.4
EF-A-40 40 0.3
EF-AS-25 25 0.2
EF-AS-50 50 0.4
EF-A5-200 200 2.1
EF-A5-400 400 3.3
EF-A8-100 100 1.3
EF-A8-200 200 2.1
EF-A8-400 400 3.3
AA type EF-AA-22 22 0.2
EF-AA-40 40 0.4
EF-AA-30F 30 0.3
U type EF-U-60P 100 1.0
EF-U-90P 97 0.8
EF-U-95P 115 0.9
EF-U-98P 105 0.8
NA type EF-NA-10 25 0.4
EF-NA-20 35 0.6
EF-NA-30 45 1.0
EF-NA-100 150 2.6
EF-NA-150 200 2.9
EF-NA-200 250 3.0
EF-NA-250 300 3.1
FA type EF-FA-65S 262 12
EF-FA-90S 262 9

Value in the graph are not guaranteed.

Filter material information