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Activated carbon fiber "KF" is a carbonated fiber, developed by Toyobo produced by using cellulosic fibers as the base material. From its unique properties, it is deemed to be the tertiary activated carbon after powdered carbon and granulated activated carbon.

KF Fiber is a novel activated carbon fiber with the following properties;
While the surface area is extremely large ranging from 1,000 to 1,600m2/g, it is characterized by a micro pore structure with an extremely small diameter of 0.5-10nm.
It effectively adsorbs and eradicates a broad stratum of various substances. The capacity for adsorption is greater than conventional granular activated carbon.
The speed of adsorption is high, ranging from 10 to 100 times that of conventional granular activated carbon.
The drop in adsorptive properties is slight even when adsorption-desorption is repeated. Desorption time is short compared to conventional granular activated carbon.

TYPE of KF Product
Four different forms are commercially available, KF-felting, paper sheets, corrugated paper and, honeycomb structure. You can choose the most suitable type according to the requirement.

"KF" makes full use of its unique properties derived from the fact that it is basically a fiber and can be used for the variety of application areas shown as follows.
  • Solvent recovery apparatus(KF Apparatus)
  • KPR solvent gas treatment system(KPR System)
  • Ozone alimination filters
  • Air purifying filter units
  • Air purifying filters for passenger cars
  • Gasoline vaporization protector for cars
  • Abatement of insole odors
Filter material information