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TOYOBO has succeeded in development of a very unique activated carbon fiber(K-Filter;KF) which is much superior to conventional activated carbon as an adsorptive material and also made it possible to utilze K-Filter for the solvent recovery apparatus.
K-Filter solvent recovery apparatus has been appreciated in many industrial sectors for the purpose of the environmental protection and of the saving resources.

1978 "Technological Award", Fiber and Textile Society , Japan;
1979 "Technological Award", Chemical Engineering Society, Japan;
1981 "Superior Award" Environmental Agency, Japan:
1981 "Superior Product Award", Japan Management Association and Chemical Engineering Society, Japan:
1982 "Vaaler Award", Chemical Processing Magazine, U.S.
This system was developed in cooperation of Toyobo and Taikisha.

Applicable solvents
High adsorbing efficiency:
As the adsorbing speed of K-Filter is very high, a solvent gas can be adsorbed rapidly and completely.

Light weight and compact size:
Since K-Filter has a large surface, the adsorbing material is 1/15 -1/100 as less in weight as conventional ones. This can make the equipment lighter and more compact.

Better quality of recovered solvent:
The desorbing of K-Filter can be made much more quickly, at lower temperatures and more shortly, compared with that of granular activated carbon(g-AC). This easiness of the desorption guarantees the high purity of the recovered solvent by decreasing the solvent decomposition.

Automatic operation:
Full automatic system makes the operation easy. The desorption time is very short and this results in almost no disturbance to the operation.

Better safety(safe construction):
The equipment is operated under the safe normal pressure condition. The wide surface area of the K-Filter makes it easy to release the adsorption heat.

Gas containing the high boiling point substance can be applied:
In case of application to such high boiling point substance as silicon oil and mineral oil and such a polymerizable monomer as styrene and MMA, this equipment can be used long since the excellent absorption ability is kept for a long time.

This equipment can adsorb and recover many kinds of organic solvents in various fields:
KF apparatus can treat and recover the solvents which are difficult to be treated by conventional equipment, such easily decomposed solvent as tetrachloromethane, trichloroethane and etc., such solvents with high boiling points as trimethyl benzene, phenol and etc., and such solvents as described above containing much of high boiling point substances.

Standard flow sheet

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