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Basic Performance

Compression Characteristics

BREATHAIR® has low hysteresis loss and high rebound properties for a cushion material. When used in mattresses or in cushions, these properties make it easy to turn over with comfort.

Compression Characteristics


The durability of BREATHAIR® was tested using two different methods.

Measurement at 70   and 50% compression rate

sample subjected to compression rate of 50% and then released 80,000 times

Air permeability

BREATHAIR® displays air permeability on a remarkably higher level than that shown by polyurethane foam and polyester fiber cushion.

Air permeability

Mattress Bedding: Internal Temperature and Humidity

Toyobo uses its skin model method to measure the temperature and humidity between the sleeping body and the mattress.

Mattress Bedding: Internal Temperature and Humidity

These mattresses are cool in summer, and when wrapped in a mattress cover they can also retain heat and remain comfortable in winter.

Water Draining Characteristics

BREATHAIR® is quick to dry and is also washable.
Polyurethane is still not dry 24 hours after washing.


Body pressure dispersal

BREATHAIR® does not concentrate stress; it has outstanding load dispersal characteristics.


Measuring the temperature changes on the lower thighs (thermographic images)

Anti-bacterial properties

The structure of BREATHAIR® is made up of a series of continuous fiber loops and as such there is no fiber dust which means that it is difficult for bed mites to propagate.
Moreover, BREATHAIR® has excellent anti-bacterial functions as evidenced by BREATHAIR® meeting SEK standards.

As BREATHAIR® is made from polyester-elastomers, even when it burns, the amount of toxic hydrogen cyanide gas released is small.


Combustion gas toxicity

  BREATHAIR® Polyurethane foam Polyester fiber cushion
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 269 357 235
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 1083 1002 1683
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Not detected 11 Not detected
Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Not detected Not detected Not detected
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Not detected 1.1 Not detected
Sulfur Oxides (SOx) Not detected Not detected Not detected
Ammonia (NH3) Not detected 0.3 Not detected
In accordance with JIS K7217 standards (750℃ x 0.5L/min air supply for 10 minutes)

Units: mg/g