Tire cords
Car seats
Fabrics for interior materials
Other interior materials

TOYOBO NYLON comprises two types: the nylon 6 type manufactured by melting and spinning polymer made by ring opening polymerization of -caprolactam; and the nylon 66 type produced by melting and spinning polymer made by condensation polymerization of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid.

Tire cords
High-strength yarns
High functionality, durability
Fabrics for interior materials
Regular-strength specialized yarns
Fashionability, luxury
Reinforcing fiber (rubber, etc.)
High-strength yarns
Durability, high functionality
Regular-strength yarn
For clothing and interior materials. It is excellent in texture and dye-affinity. Light-resistant type is also available.
High-strength yarn
It has distinguished mechanical properties and high strength in particular.
Ultra high-strength yarn
Used for fields that require higher functions (for example, tire cords and reinforcing fibers).

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