Protective gloves

Super Glove S (Using Dyneema® filament)

Super Glove S

Super Glove S (Using Dyneema® filament) is made of composite fibers comprising polyethylene [Dyneema®] of super high strength, high modulus of elasticity and cotton, and offers excellent resistance to cutting tool and good feeling to wear.


1. Excellent resistance to cutting tool

[Dyneema®] is high strength fiber used for ropes and impact absorbing materials as well, and provides excellent resistance to cutting tool in the case of gloves and resistance to cutting tool equal or greater than that of aramid fiber gloves.

Comparison of resistance to cutting tool
2. Wear resistance

[Dyneema®] is resistant to wear by 10 times more than cotton gloves and 2 times more than aramid gloves.

Number of wear before cutting (Toyobo method)
3. Light resistance and chemical resistance

Because of its excellent light resistance compared to aramid gloves, Dyneema® gloves are most suitable for outdoor works. Dyneema® also has extremely high chemical resistance and the performance lowered by washing is minimum.

Chemical resistance of Dyneema®
4. Environmentally friendly

This gloves is made of cotton, natural material, and polyethylene fiber and offered as a product friendly to environment.

Although this product has high resistance to cutting tool, it does not mean that the product can never be cut. Use special care in handling cutting tool with the product. The above data do not represent guaranteed values.

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