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The advanced fiber technology called 'Gel Spinning Technology method' has realized an extremely high strength high modulus 'Super Fiber' known as IZANAS will present infinite possibilities for various applications.
Our brand name of Ultrahigh-strength polyethylene fiber will be changed
 from Dyneema®to IZANAS™.

IZANAS is the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber manufactured by a unique spinning technology.
As a result of such special material and unique technology, IZANAS shows high tensile strength, high modulus, high durability and other useful property enough to called ‘Super Fiber’.
IZANAS shows infinite possibilities for various applications.
Toyobo Co., Ltd. had decided to introduce a new brand name IZANAS and positioned it as a strategic global product.
Toyobo will discontinue its use of the Dyneema® trademark.

PropertiesSpinning Technology

IZANAS has excellent properties for which the fiber is used in many areas to support people's lives.

RopesFishing line / Cord
NetsProtective gloves
TextilesReinforcing Material

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