Remember the last time you got an injection at the doctor's office; the cold feeling you experienced when the alcohol disinfectant was applied to your body. That cold feeling is a result of the heat evaporation phenomenon. When alcohol evaporates, to becomes moisture. The moisture takes the heat away from the skin. [eks] adopts the opposite reaction to heat evaporation. This is called "ADSORP-TION HEAT". [eks] absorbs perspiration and supplies heat to the body to help keep you comfortably warm.
[eks] generates heat even when you are not perspiring. Even when a person is not exercising, his/her body will perspire. Automobiles and PC's do a similar thing, they idle so they are ready to work at anytime.
So, [eks] will always give you heat.

Better than cotton, [eks] has many more hands to catch the water(Hydrophilic group)