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CAE for Injection Molding

Mold flow analysis is used to predict melt flow, pressure distribution and clamp force for the optimization of mold design and molding conditions for the gate or runner. In addition, warpage analysis, which models the orientation condition of fillers in detail, such as glass fiber, can accurately reproduce the warpage condition of moldings and the anisotropy of molding shrinkage.

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Mold flow analysis for breaker cover Mold flow analysis for hot curler Mold flow analysis for door mirror-stay

CAE for Product Design

Nonlinear stress analysis is used to predict the strength and deformation behavior of moldings, including plastic creep and plastic deformation. Specifically, large deformation stress analysis can provide accurate prediction, taking into consideration various conditions including geometry, material and boundary, simultaneously. This allows for optimal design enabling elastomer products to be realized, which had never been achieved with conventional methods.

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CVJCVJ boot-shaped deformation Cell-shaped damper deformation Honeycomb damper deformation
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