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CAE Analysis Services Services
Total simulation from design to molding of plastic products.

TOYOBO has started receiving orders for CAE analysis service for plastic products, ranging from flexible elastomer to rigid fiber-reinforced thermoplastic.

By utilizing the numerical analysis technology of mold flow and deformation behavior for polymeric materials, such as synthetic fiber or film, (which is TOYOBO’s own technology accumulated over many years), highly accurate simulation to assist in the design of moldings or molds can be provided. In CAE analysis of large deformation problems of elastomer, which had been difficult to predict before, and warpage of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, highly accurate simulation can be achieved.

[ CAE's Features ]
Our CAE SYSTEMS combines general software and in-house software, including the following features:
1) Stress analysis for elastomer can predict problems of large deformation and creep deformation by taking into consideration nonlinear behavior of various conditions, including geometry, material and boundary, simultaneously.
2) Warpage analysis of fiber-reinforced plastic can predict mold shrinkage and mold warpage by modeling the orientation condition of reinforced materials.
3) The stress analysis or modal analysis for fiber-reinforced plastic can make predictions by taking into consideration the anisotropy of materials.
4) With our own testing facility, including instruments for CAE evaluation, injection; extrusion;-blow machines, as well as rapid measurement and verification experiments of input data, can be done.

[ Services ]
1) CAE analysis service for Injection molding
Mold-flow analysis
Fiber orientation analysis
Warpage analysis
2) CAE analysis service for product design
Linear stress analysis
Nonlinear stress analysis
3) Elastomer deformation analysis service
Large deformation stress analysis
Contact nonlinear analysis
Creep deformation analysis
Modal Dynamics analysis
4) Analysis services for warpage analysis of fiber reinforced thermoplastic
Anisotropic physical properties analysis
Anisotropic linear stress analysis
Anisotropic modal dynamic analysis
5) Extrusion, blow molding analysis service
3D flow analysis of die
Parison flow analysis
Elastomer deformation analysis
Injection molding CAE analysis
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