What is VYLOPET® ?

VYLOPET® is a polyester resin developed by TOYOBO specially targeted for injection molding. Polyester resins have excellent heat resistance, rigidity, chemical resistance, and electric properties. VYLOPET® including such excellent features gives satisfactory use to the customers for weight reduction of auto-parts, electric/electronic parts and mechanical components, and also coloring, complex designing, and Value Added.

Chemical composition of VYLOPET®

Major features of VYLOPET®

(1)It has good heat resistance.
  • Melting point is 255°C (PET grades)
  • HDT = 230°C(PET grades)
  • Enhanced upper limit of service temperature in continuous use
(2)It exhibits excellent mechanical properties.
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Excellent creep behaviors
(3)It has superb electric properties.
  • High dielectric breakdown strength
  • High natural volume resistance
(4) It exhibits excellent chemical resistance and weather resistance.
(5)It allows easy molding process.
  • Moldable with cold molds
  • Beautiful surface gloss of moldings
  • Short molding cycle time
  • High fluidity