About Toyobo

The category leader, continuing to create new value that contributes to society in the environment, healthcare, and high-function product fields

Toyobo has overcome the crisis of deteriorating performance stemming from the global recession, and is seeking to regain growth. Over the past year our earnings capacity has steadily recovered, and now we are shifting our priority to achieving growth.

Corporate Data

Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Net sales: ¥347.8 Billion
Capital: ¥51.7 Billion
Established: May 1882
Subsidiaries: 51
Employees 9,895


Toyobo was founded in 1882 as a textile company, when it began its spinning and textile business. We continued to adapt to the changing needs of the times, drawing on our core technologies in polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnology to expand our business fields and develop the kind of high-performance products.

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Worldwide Locations

Corporate Philosophy

We have adopted Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu (順理則裕) as our basic philosophy. Here junri indicates not only "thinking and acting rationally and logically," but also expresses the idea that "reason and ethics form one's basic attitude as a human being, and ethical values must be respected."

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