ISO Certification Status

ISO 9001:International standard for quality management systems
ISO 14001:International standard for environmental management systems
ISO 13485:International standard for medical devices quality management systems

As of June 11, 2016

Facility acquiring
Registration No. Date of
Head Office Engineering Plastics Operating Department
/ Polymers Operations Department
ISO 9001 LRQA YKA0958117 Apr. 1998 Engineering Plastics Operating Department:
Design, manufacture and management of manufacture of polyester-elastomers, polyester and polyamide compounds.
Plastic Production Technology Department:
Design and manufacture of polyester and polyamide resins, and other polymers
AC Material Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA0200559 Dec. 2001 Design, development and manufacture of cabin filter media for export
Photo-Functional Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4002232 Feb. 2003 Design, development and manufacture of photopolymer plate
Sounbond Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4002346 Jun. 2003 Design, development and manufacture of non-wovens
Dyneema & Tsunooga Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4003695 Aug. 2006 Design, development and manufacture of "Dyneema"
Life Materials Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4004340 Jul. 2009 Design, development and manufacture of life & industrial fibers including polyester and PPS staple fiber
Packaging Operating Department
/ Industrial Films Operating Department
/ Plastics Production Technology Operating Department (Film Division)
/ Plastics Research and Development Center (Films Development Center)
ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4004425 Sep. 2009 Design, development, management of manufacture and sales of plastic films such as polyester film, polyolefin film and nylon film for packaging and industrial use
Functional Polymers Operating Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4004546 Jun. 2010 Design, development, manufacture and management of manufacture of functional polymers and associated products including paste & ink for electronic component
Advanced Polymer Department ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4004851 Apr. 2012 Design and development, management of manufacture and sales of acrylic functional products
Tsuruga Research and Production Center ISO 14001 JICQA E004 Dec. 1996 Activities related to production and development of synthetic fibers, biochemical products and plastic films
Iwakuni Production Center ISO 14001 JICQA E539 Nov. 2002 Activities related to manufacturing of polyester resin, synthetic fibers, engineering plastic, hollow fiber membrane
Research Center ISO 9001 LRQA YKA4004930 Jan. 2013 Design, development and manufacture of virus retention membrane for pharmaceutical use
ISO 14001 JICQA E005 Dec. 1996 Activities related to research & development and pharmaceutical production at research center
Tsuruga Center
Tsuruga Polymers Plant
Tsuruga Functional Materials Plant
ISO 9001 LRQA YKA0927858 Dec. 1993 Development and manufacture of polyester resins, polyester spunbonded fabrics, nylon resins, nylon yarn, PBO fibres and 3-D spring structure materials of the thermoplastic polymer for industrial materials use
Tsuruga Films Plant ISO 9001 LRQA YKA958082 Jan. 1998 Manufacture of polyester films
Tsuruga Biochemical Plant ISO 9001 LRQA YKA0958033 Oct. 1997 Development and manufacture of enzymes and antibodies
Head Office
Tsuruga Institute of Biotechnology
Tsuruga Biochemicals Plant
Q1N 09 03
68523 004
Apr. 2009 Design and Development, Production and Distribution of In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents (including Bulk Products), related Control, Calibrator and Auxiliary Reagents -Biochemical Reagents, Immunological Reagents, Genetic Reagents
Design and Development, Production and Distribution of Slide, Stainer, Cleaning Solution and Control for Automated Urine Cell Analyzer used for Urinary Sediment
Iwakuni Membrane Plant ISO 9001
ISO 13485
LRQA YKA956976 Jun. 1997 Design, manufacturing of hollow fiber membrane and hollow fiber membrane module for dialysis treatment
Inuyama Plant ISO 9001 LRQA YKA0957248 Dec. 1996 Manufacture of plastic films
ISO 14001 JICQA E025 Mar. 1998 Activities related to production of plastic films
Shogawa Mill ISO 14001 JICQA E306 Jul. 2001 Activities related to manufacturing and development of textiles
Takasago Plant et al. ISO 9001 JCQA 769 Aug. 1998 Development and Manufacture of Chlorinated Polyolefin and Modified Polyolefin
Development, and Manufacture and Sales of Raw Materials and Intermediates for Drug, Agricultural Chemicals and Photographic Chemicals, Materials for Battery, Materials for Photoresist, Raw Materials for Functional Resin Monomer, Diazotation Agent, Functional Agents and Those Raw Materials, Additives
Development of Raw Materials for Cosmetic
Takasago Plant ISO 14001 JCQA E-0044 Mar. 1999 Design, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical intermediate, electronic industry materials, materials for car parts, and other general industrial chemicals

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