The CSR Committee has established the CSR Charter, by revising the preamble of the existing Toyobo Group Corporate Action Guideline from a CSR standpoint and combining it with the Guideline.


Based on the basic recognition that "a company is a member of society," the Toyobo Group will continue to aggressively fulfill its social responsibilities so that it may continue to be a company that is trusted by society. Moreover, the Toyobo Group is committed to contributing to the creation of a sound and sustainable society by providing socially beneficial products and services.

To meet these objectives, in Japan and the rest of the world, the Toyobo Group conducts its activities based on the following 10 principles, as it respects human rights and follows the prescribed laws and international rules as well as the spirit on which these laws and rules are founded.

  1. Toyobo works to earn the confidence and maintain the satisfaction of its customers and clients through the development and provision of socially beneficial and safe goods and services.
  2. Toyobo engages in fair, transparent, and free competition and conducts transactions appropriately, while maintaining sound and proper relationships with political and government administrative authorities.
  3. Toyobo communicates widely with its shareholders and the rest of society and discloses Company information proactively and fairly. In addition, Toyobo takes necessary measures to protect and manage personal data and customer-related information.
  4. Toyobo respects the diversity, personality, and individuality of its employees, works to provide a safe and easy-to-work job-site environment, and helps them to realize a comfortable and affluent lifestyle.
  5. Toyobo regards addressing environmental issues as one of mankind's common concerns, and takes responsible action since dealing with such issues is a condition for Toyobo's survival and the continuation of its activities.
  6. As a "good corporate citizen," Toyobo engages in activities that contribute to the community and society.
  7. Toyobo takes resolute countermeasures against, and cuts any ties with, all antisocial groups that may constitute a menace to social order and safety.
  8. In developing its business activities globally, Toyobo works to promote and contribute to the development of local communities as it observes all laws and regulations applying to its overseas activities; respects international best practices, including having respect for human rights; and manages its activities with due regard for culture, customs, and the interest of stakeholders.
  9. Toyobo's top management recognizes that realizing the spirit embodied in this Charter is their role, and that, by demonstrating leadership by example, they will ensure that these principles are followed in Toyobo and the rest of the Toyobo Group, as well as encourage business partners to follow Toyobo's example. Management will also constantly monitor commentary and views of its activities within and outside the organization as well as establish an effective internal organization to take appropriate action when necessary.
  10. In the event of a violation of these principles, top management will take the initiative themselves to make it clear internally and externally their intention to address the issues involved, investigate the cause of the violation, and take action to prevent a recurrence of such a violation. In addition, top management will make information publicly available promptly and appropriately, fulfill their duty to give explanations, and, after clarifying issues of authority and responsibility, take initiatives themselves, as necessary, to take severe disciplinary action.

Updated: April 1, 2011

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