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  • IZANAS® is used in various fields because of its excellent properties.

    IZANAS® is yarn made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. and it has the highest level of strength and modulus as an organic fiber (it is about 8 times stronger compared with same weight piano wire). 10mm diameter IZANAS® rope can support up to 20 tons (theoretical value).

Spinning Technology

A solution of ultra high molecule weight (chain of very long molecules) is spun into a quenching device, and upon cooling solidification/crystallization takes place producing a gel-like appearance due to immiscibility of solvent.
As-spun filaments are transported into an oven in which super-drawing is performed at elevated temperatures.

Through these process, the highly drawn fiber highly crystallized and have highly oriented molecular chain structure. Due to the structure, IZANAS® shows extremely high strength and excellent properties.

  • Ordinally Polyethylene fiber

History of IZANAS®

Year Contents
1968  A.J. Pennings et.at. take fibrous material from diluted UHMWPE solution.
1979  DSM applied for a basic patent of UHMWPE fiber.
1984  DSM and TOYOBO started joint development.
1988  Production of UHMWPE fiber has started at the pilot plant in Japan.
1989   DSM and TOYOBO have launched the UHMWPE fiber "Dyneema®".
1991   Nippon Dyneema Co., Ltd. is established together with DSM.
2001   Second generation of "Dyneema®" has launched.
2016  TOYOBO changed the brand name of UHMWPE fiber to "IZANAS®".
2017   New generation of "IZANAS®" has launched.

Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM.
Unauthorized use of this trademark is strictly prohibited.

Basic Properties

Ultra High Strength・High Elastic Modulas

IZANAS® has the highest level of strength and modulus as an organic fiber.

  Tenacity Modulus Elongation Linear Density
cN/dtex g/d cN/dtex g/d % dtex


SK60 31 35 1000 1134 4.0 33 - 2640
SK71 38 43 1400 1587 3.9 55 - 880
SK777 35 40 1200 1361 3.9 1760
SF600 26 29 800 907 4.4 55 - 1320
SF700 40 45 1400 1587 4.2 55 - 440

※It is a representative value, not a guaranteed value.


Light Weight

IZANAS® is light enough to float on the water.


Excellent Weather Resistance


    ・Sunshine carbon arc lamp (UV light)
    63±3℃, 50RH%
    Water spray : 1.2-1.8L, 18/120min.


Excellent Chemical Resistance

Product Lineup

Filament yarn

  • dtex denier SK60 SK71 SK777 SF600 SF700
    33 30 *        
    44 40 *        
    55 50 * *   * *
    85 75 * *   * *
    110 100 * *   * *
    140 125 *     *  
    165 150 * *   * *
    220 220 * *   * *
    275 250 * *   *  
    330 300 * *   * *
    440 400 * *   * *
    880 800 * *   *  
    1320 1200 *     *  
    1760 1600 *   *    


  • Composite yarns

    Cotton, Polyester, Nylon and other fiber composite yarns

  • Non woven fabric

  • Cut fiber

  • Cloth



Due to its high-strength and lightweight features, IZANAS® is used for rope in a wide range of fields.

  • Features
1.High Strangth   Smaller diameters compared with existing fiber ropes
2.Light weight   With a density of 0.97g/cm3 IZANAS® is extremely light and easy to handle.
3.Safety   Compared to wire, IZANAS® is easy to use due to its extremely lightweight and this makes it safer to handle.
4.Environment   Compared with wire rope that requires a coating of grease, the rope made from IZANAS® is environmentally friendly.
  • Mooring rope for marine vessels
  • IZANAS® is used mooring rope for ultra-large ships such as 250,000t or 300,000t class, it is include ore carriers, crude oil tankers and LNG tankers, etc.,

    [Note] We manufacture and sell IZANAS® yarn as a raw material. Please note that we do not manufacture or sell rope.

Fishing Line/ Cord

Due to its strength, lightweight, high modulus,
abrasion and weather resistant features, IZANAS® is used in a various fields of lines & cords

  • Features
1.High Strength   Smaller diameter than conventional fiber cords.
2.Light Weight   Density : 0.97g/cm3. Light enough to float on water.
3.Low elongation   Braaking elongation : 4%, High sensitivity due to its low elongation.
4.Abrasion resistance   Outstanding abrasion resistance among low elongation organic fibers.
  • Fishing line
  • Not only boat fising or casting, IZANAS® is challenging new fishing line markets such as jigging, egging. IZANAS® fishing line is a braided stracture which is different style from mono-filament line. Higher strength, Higher sensitivity, IZANAS® continue to evlove.


Thanks to its strength and lightweight features, IZANAS® is used various kinds of nets

  • Features
1.High Strangth   Ultra high strength yarn, 8 times stronger than piano wire.
2.Light Weight   Extremely light (density is 0.97g/cm3) IZANAS® is less saggy than other fibers
3.Safety   IZANAS® yarn is easy to handle due to its light weight.
  • Sports Nets
  • The nets made from IZANAS® are thin and light.
    Because these nets do not block the view of fields, they are used for safety nets in ballpark, golf field and other sports fields.

  • Animal Barrier netting
  • Fishing Net

We manufacture and sell IZANAS® yarn as a raw material. Please note that we do not manufacture or sell nets

Protective gloves

  • Features

1.Environmentally friendly
This gloves is made of cotton, natural material, and polyethylene fiber and offered as a product friendly to environment.

  • IZANAS® glove has excellent cut-resistance performance, so it is often used as work gloves in Japan. In addition, as this grove is made by composite yarn of IZANAS® filament and cotton fiber, It can absorb sweat on palms better than the other gloves made by filament yarn.

Although this product has high resistance to cutting tool, it does not mean that the product can never be cut.
Use this product with specialcare in handling cutting tools. The above data do not represent guaranteed values.


  • One solution has been to develop a fabric with an outstanding sensation of coolness. IZANAS® has a thermal conductivity coefficient about 4 times greater than regular materials. Tests have shown that ICEMAX® , made by combining IZANAS® with special fibers, has more than twice the sensation of coldness than regular materials.

FRC based on IZANAS® [Cyber Chop®]

  • Characteristics
    • Sheet coated with water soluble resin demonstrates excellent fiber diffusion in premix.
    • Since resin quickly dissolves when water is added, fiber fluff balls are hard to be formed and fibers are dispersed evenly.
    • Since tensile strength of the fiber is high, high toughness can be obtained with small amount of fibers.
    • Fibers made of polyethylene demonstrate excellent alkali resistance and weather resistance.
    • Flat fiber section provides high adhesion with the base such as mortar.
    • Since the specific gravity of fiber is 0.97, sheet is light and can be easily carried. Fibers can be sprayed or coated with trowel.
    • Yarn treated under heat and humidity environment of 80ºC and 100%RH for 4 days maintains more than 90% of the strength of untreated yarn.
  • Physical properties
Fiber diameter 12m
Tensile strength 2.6GPa
Modulus of elasticity in tension 88GPa
Specific gravity 1.0
Cutting length 6, 9, 12 mm
Binder Water soluble resin

FRP based on IZANAS® (Plastic reinforcing material)

  • FRP based on IZANAS® has very high toughness and energy absorption performance. In drop impact test where a 1.4 kg hemisphere is dropped from a height of 0.8 meters, aramid carbon FRP is destroyed but FRP based on IZANAS® is not destroyed and absorbs impact.

  • Vibration damping characteristic

Vibration damping of FRP based on IZANAS® is very flat from low band to high band. Especially in acoustic applications, unnecessary vibration is damped without damaging the original sound, thereby echoing beautiful sound. IZANAS® utilizing this characteristic is used for ultimate sound absorbing felt [Mystic-White] and acoustically improved panel [Acoustic Tuning Panel AP-10] that maximizes the characteristics of this [Mystic-White].

The information on this page, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate and correct,
However, Toyobo makes no warranty and assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with any use of this information. Users determine for themselves the suitability for their intended use of the material.
This information is subject to revision as new information becomes available.


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