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TOYOBO PVVs TOYOBO Group's Corporate Philosophy Framework

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu”
(adhering to reason leads to prosperity), one of founder Eichi Shibusawa's mottos,
we aim to be a group that continues to create the solutions needed by people and the earth
with our materials and science.

  • Principle

    Adhering to reason leads to prosperity

  • Vision

    We will continue to create
    the solutions needed by people
    and the earth with our materials
    and science.

  • Values

    TOYOBO Spirit

    Welcome change. Enjoy change.
    Create change.

TOYOBO Group's Corporate Philosophy System

Business activities that form the core of value creation

We aim to improve value for all stakeholders through
product development and solutions that address social issues.

  • Film

    • • Mold releasing film for MLCC
    • • Transparent vapor-deposited film
    • • Laminate film for steel plates
    • • Eco-conscious films
  • Life Science

    life science
    • • Infection diagnosis-related products
    • • Artificial kidney hollow fiber
    • • Virus removing filters
    • • Blood purification membranes
  • Environment and Functional Materials

    environment and functional materials
    • • Engineering
    • • VYLON® and
    • • VOC treatment equipment
    • • RO and FO membranes
    • • High-performance fibers

Realizing sustainable growth

Toyobo Group's sustainability aims to create solutions to the social issues through
our business activities and contribute to the realization of
the sustainable society.


TOYOBO in 2030 Vision for 2030

In order to achieve sustainable growth and create value for the planet and society from a long-term perspective
Toyobo has formulated the Sustainable Vision 2030, which describes its vision for 2030

Sustainability indicators

  • Zero

    Serious incidents

  • over70%

    engagement score

  • over46%

    GHG emissions cut
    (over FY2014)
    Scope1 and 2
    Carbon neutrality in FY2051

  • 60%

    Ratio of green materials in main business operations
    *In reference to film business

Financial indicators

  • 600billion yen

    Consolidated sales

  • over8.3%

    Operating profit margin

  • over9%


  • over7%


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