Cryogenic Application

Unique property of Dyneema®

Unlimited possibility available from unique property of high strength polyethylene fiber (Dyneema®) reinforced plastic.


  • 1 Negative expansion

    It expands as the temperature lowers.

  • 2 Low frictional coefficient

    It slides smoothly at RT-4K.

Design of materials and products - Various applications will be explained.

  • Material design - Hybrid combined with inorganic fiber
  • Control of pipe thermal expansion coefficient - FW winding angle and design of shape
  • Coil bobbin and spacer of various specifications

Superconductive coil bobbin

(By courtesy of Super-GM)Alternating coil:

This alternating superconductive magnet and alternating large capacity superconductor characteristic tester which uses said magnet have been developed by superconductive generation related device material engineering research union at the request of New Energy Development Organization (NEDO) as a part of New Sunshine Plan [Superconductive power applied technology development] of Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, International Trade and Industry.

PCS for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage(SMES) (By courtesy of Kyushu University)

Superconductive Alternating Current Coil

Coil training characteristics (graph): Passing an electric current through a superconductive coil, the superconductive function is lost if the current value drops below the critical current value (this is called quenching and this current value is known as the quenching current value (lg)). AC (alternating current) can often lead to quenching. It is known that AC superconductive coils with DFRP coil bobbins make quenching less likely.

Superconductive coil spacer

(By courtesy of National Institute for Fusion Science)

Superconductive Coil Spacer

During the development of SMES as a countermeasure for sudden dips in voltage, DFRP was adopted as the spacer for conduction cooling method pulse coils.

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