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Fishing line / Cord

Due to its strength, lightweight, high modulus, abrasion- and weather- resistant features, IZANAS is used in a various fields.


High Strangth

Smaller diameters are possible compared with existing fiber cord to support the same burden.


With a density of 0.97g/cm3 IZANAS is light enough to float on water.

High modulus

Due to the line has high modulus, angler can feel small move of fish through fishing line.


IZANAS has the best resistance to abrasion of low-elongation organic fibers.

Fishing line

IZANAS yarn is also active in new fishline markets such as jigging, egging, etc. as well as boat fishing and fly fishing. Unlike mono-filament products, the new IZANAS yarn product line uses a braided structure and promises further evolution. We have polished up sensitivity and retained the high strength, so please expect the best from our evolving fishing lines.

IZANAS cord is used in highly abrasive situations such as sewing machine threads, sport kite string, etc.

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