"EPICOMODO" is a fiber material which can prevent the
proliferation of MRSA on textile articles used in hospitals and alike.

Special Features of "EPICOMODO"
Stops the proliferation of MRSA on the fibers.

Minimam changes in effectiveness after repeated washings.

It is gentle on the skin.

Using Toyobo's original technique we are able to make complex materials with frame retardant.

Anti-bacterial Activity Effect
Processing TchniqueA Special binder having anti-bacterial Characteristics was developed to strengthen the bond with the fibers.
Anti-bacterial agentUses an anti-bacterial agent that is extremely safe.
Anti-bacterial mechanismThe proliferation function of the MRSA is stopped by destroying the cell wall of the MRSA.
Examples of Applied Articles
White Overalls, Curtains, Carpets, Mats, Materials for Walls and etc.(also available for articles, used in medical institutions and alike)

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