"EPISCALL9(NINE)" is a mildew resistant material,
kneaded or post-processed with a special organic compound
which is able to control the proliferation of mildew and algae on the surface of fibers.

Special Features of "EPISCALL9"
Effective in controlling a wide range of mold that inhabits the living environment.

Uses a highly safe agent for both the kneading treatment and post-processing treatment.

Maintains a great part of its effectiveness after repeated washing.

Mold Prevention Effectiveness of "EPISCALL9"
Mold Prevention1 Effective on the 62 typical kinds of mold that inhabit general buildings.
2 Test results on 180 kinds of mold, with regard to Minimum density on the growth interception(MIC).
MIC Value1-10ppm on 178 mold
20-25ppm on 2 mold
It is recognized to be effective on extremely low density.
(Test Method:MIL.STD.810D.
Method 508,3 3095% RH 7-28 days.
Algae(Fresh Water)Resistance : Effective on 25 kinds of algae.
Examples of Applied Articles
Curtains, Kitchenware and alike, Tentcloths, Canvas, Quilting for Futon(Coverlet) and etc.

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