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For skin free of dryness, wrapped in a veil of moisture.

  • Micro-organisms that live in extreme environments gain defensive functions through the process of evolution so that the bacteria itself can adapt to high temperature, dry, or highly saline environments. The halophilic archaebacterium Natrialba cgyptiaca, which lives in Egypt's salt lakes, is able to survive in such an extremely harsh environment, because they are protected by Amino PGALETM.

Thick and springy. A skin-protecting veil of life.

  • Amino PGALETM makes a veil on the surface of your skin and catches moisture from the air, helping you maintain hydrated skin. It offers a sensation of thickness which makes your skin feel firm and springy.

A Toyobo Original Product

Making fermentative production of L-glutamine acid polymer possible.
Mass production using halophilic archaebacterium was not easy, but Toyobo has created the only technology capable of mass-producing Amino PGALETM via breeding techniques.


Characteristics in harsh environments

Viscosity decreases under high salinity due to the effects of salt. However, Amino PGALETM shows resistance to salt, and keeps its viscosity. This means that cells are protected in harsh environments.

  • Maintains viscosity under high salinity

    Even in a highly concentrated sodium chloride solution, Amino PGALETM has been shown to exhibit a much higher viscosity than DL-PGA.

  • Cell protection in alkaline/highly-saline conditions

    As a result of investigating the growth of bacteria (E. coli) under extreme conditions, it was found that by adding Amino PGALETM, the growth rate of bacteria rose, even in alkaline and highly-concentrated conditions.

Moisturizes and protects

  • After placing thin films of Amino PGALETM, DL-PGA, and HA (hyaluronic acid) in chamber with a constant temperature and humidity (24℃, 60%) and evaluating the moisture intake rate, it was found that because Amino PGALETM continues to take in moisture from the air, it is able to preserve the skin's moisture.

  • Spreading Amino PGALETM on a film sheet forms a smooth layer. It also creates a veil over the surface of the skin, protecting it from dehydration.

Preserves moisture and prevents evaporation

Lotions containing 0.2% of DL-PGA or Amino PGALETM respectively, were applied to the forearm twice a day for 28 days, and these were evaluated (N=5) for their keratin water content and TEWL. The results show that Amino PGALETM increases water content of skin, while lowering TEWL.

Repairs skin irritation caused by dehydration

  • When cultivated a 3D skin model under low-humidity conditions (37℃, RHI5%), water evaporated and it led to cells death. However, if Amino PGALETM is applied, the cells are protected from dryness and the survival rate of cells increases. Amino PGALETM is a component created by bacteria living in dry regions protecting themselves from the dryness. As a result, it has the function of protecting against dryness.

Moist feeling on application without unwanted stickiness

After carrying out a sensory evaluation and an instrumental evaluation on Amino PGALETM, it felt "thick and smooth" directly after application, so you can see it has a low friction coefficient and feel that is pleasant to spread. Then, after carrying out an evaluation after the toner has dried (30 seconds after application of the toner) it was found that it imparted a "springy feel that adheres to your skin, and a correlating high peel force.

Note: Excluding citations from other documents, the data on this website is representative results obtained at our facilities.


Glutamic acid polymer

  • Regular polyglutamic acid contains DL-isomers, but Amino PGALETM consists of only L-polyglutamic acid.


Amino PGALETM-P(Poly y-L-glutamic acid-Na)
Recommend dosage level: 0.1~0.5%

  • Outline
Product name AminoPGALETM-P
Characteristics Sodium salt of poly amino acid consisting L-glutamic acid as a monomer
Easily soluble in water (until 10%)
Shelf life 1 year under unopened storage at room temperature
Shipping unit 1kg (200g x 5 bags)
Additives Free from artificial preservatives, buffer, colorants and antioxidant
Hygroscopic powder, Low humidity storage after opening
  • Component
INCI name Sodium Polyglutamate
Chinese name 緊谷氨酸领
CAS RN 1262423-34-6
Composition 100%
  • Specification
Appearance White powder
Smell Slightly peculiar smell
Heavy metal ≦20ppm
Arsenic ≦2ppm
Total bacteria count ≦100 CFU/g
E.coli Not detected
Yeast and Mold ≦100 CFU/g