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Penetration, Moisturization, and a Strengthened Barrier Function
A natural moisturizing agent made from fermented olive oil that accomplishes all of these

  • CeramelaTM is glycolipid constituted from biological components such as sugars and fatty acids. CeramelaTM is quickly absorbed into your skin and forms a lamellar structure at the keratin layer. It augments the barrier function where there is insufficient ceramide, improves your skin's moisture retention, and gives you skin that is bursting with moisture.


We can because we're Toyobo - Commitment to CeramelaTM

    • Commitment to Olive Oil

    We use olive oil from the number one olive oil producing area, the Andalucia region in Spain.

    • Commitment to Yeast

    Carefully chosen from among several hundred types of yeast, we found that the yeast in the flowers on Mt. Tsukuba produces much CeramelaTM, which is similar to ceramide.

    • Commitment to Fermentation

    Toyobo's fermentation techniques are the result of about 70 years of development. We carefully carry out the fermentation for a long time, adjusting the pH, temperature, and stirring while monitoring the state of the cultivation. Additionally, using a refining technique which reduces the unique color and smell of fermentation extract, we produce highly pure CeramelaTM.

    • Commitment to Research and Development

    CeramelaTM was developed over 10 years from scratch in cooperation with Japan's largest-scale public research institute, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Research is being carried out every day to learn more about its effectiveness on the skin.

Similar structure to "Ceramide" which is essential for barrier function of skin

CeramelaTM forms lamella upon contact with water, and looking through a polarization microscope, you can see the Maltese cross, the sign of a lamellar structure. The reason is thought that it possesses a double-strand alkyl as characteristics of the structure are similar to ceramide. It is a characteristic of CeramelaTM that it can take on a lamellar structure independently, even without other oil composition.

Quick and deep penetration

CeramelaTM is easily absorbed into skin and quickly penetrates to the keratin layer. 30 minutes after applying fluorescence-labeled CeramelaTM to excised human skin, it spreads to the whole keratin layer.

  • Test Skin: Excised human skin (Product of ILAM, United States)
  • Test Materials: 1% NBD-CeramelaTM/35% BG
  • Diffusion Cells: Franz-type diffusion cells
  • Photography: Fluorescence microscope

Continuous moisture capacity

Applying CeramelaTM enables not only skin moisture content to improve, but your skin to maintain its moisture content for a few days even if you stop applying it, owing to intensified barrier function.

Visible results in a short time

Applying CeramelaTM to textural damage caused by rough skin shows healing.

Note: Excluding citations from other documents, the data on this website is representative results obtained at our facilities.


Functions of CeramelaTM

CeramelaTM-HG / CeramelaTM-HBG

Recommend dosage level


Recommend dosage level


  • Outline
Solubility Well soluble in polyalcohol except for glycerol. Soluble in water with surfactant.
Shelf life 1 year under unopened cool and dark storage
Package size 1kg 1kg、5kg
Additives Free from artificial preservatives, buffer, colorants and antioxidants.
  • Component
INCI name Glycolipids Glycolipids, Butylene Glycol
Chinese name 糖脂 糖脂、丁二醇
CAS RN 1264282-45-2 1264282-45-2、107-88-0
Composition 100% (CeramelaTM-HG) Approx. 50% (CeramelaTM-HG)
Approx. 50% (Plant-derived BG)
  • Specification
Appearance Yellow~orange, Oily liquid
Assay (HPLC) ≧95%
Heavy metal ≦$20ppm
Arsenic ≦2ppm
Total bacteria count ≦100 CFU/g
E.coli Negative
Yeast and Mold ≦100 CFU/g


Recommend dosage level


  • Outline
Product name CERAMELATM-PX
Characteristics All natural origin ingredients
Easy formulation for aqueous solution
Free from artifcial preservative and colorants
Shelf life 1 year under unopened cool and dark storage
Package size 1Kg
Additives Free from artificial preservatives, buffer, colorants and antioxidants.
  • Component
INCI name ( Concentration) Chinese name CAS RN
Water 7732-18-5
Glycolipids (10%) 糖脂 1264282-45-2
Glycerin 甘油 56-81-5
Propanediol 丙二醇 504-63-2
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate 甘草酸二钾 68797-35-3
Citric acid 柠檬酸 5949-29-1
  • Specification
Appearance Light yellow, transparent ~ semi-transparent, viscous liquid
Odor Faint characteristic odor
pH 3.5~5.0
Specific gravity 0.950~1.150
Heavy metal ≦20ppm
Arsenic ≦2ppm
Total bacteria count ≦100 CFU / g
Yeast and Mold ≦100 CFU / g
E.coli Negative