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  • Integrated production system in clean room from polyester film manufacturing to film coating.
  • Extensive experience used for medical,various types of adhesion,and electronics applications such as MLCC and semiconductor adhesive.


  • A wide range of release property.
  • Strong adhesion between polyester film and release layer provides superior durability and low silicone migration.
  • Inquiries for customized products such as release treatment on both sides and Anti-static treatment are available for consultation.


  Type Peel strength
Characteristics Main Applications
Purex® A series A2400 30-50 Stable releasability over time Ceramic casting
A3100 30-50 Lower silicone migration Acrylic adhesives,Optical adhesives,Semiconductor adhesive
A3200 10-30 Easy releasability Medical,Cosmetic adhesive
A3700 25-45 Easy releasability,durability for Air Exposure Acrylic adhesives,Optical adhesives
A5000 20-50 Suitable for multi release use Acrylic adhesives
A5400 100-400 High wettability Ceramic casting,Semiconductor sdhesive
A7100 70-150 High wettability Ceramic casting,Optical adhesives
A5300 500-1000 High wettability Ceramic,plastic casting
U series U3200 10-30 White type film with easy releasability Medical,Cosmetic adhesive
UH200 10-30 White type film with dual release and Anti-Static treatments Electronics
Purex®Ⅱ  GRR00 10-70 Easy releasability Acrylic adhesives,Optical adhesives
SRD00 10-70 Easy releasability Acrylic adhesives,Optical adhesives

※Above data is typical value,not guaranteed.

Main Applications

  • Separator/Adhesion tape,Medical tape
  • Process film for electronic component/Ceramic casting,Semiconductor adhesive
  • Process film for display panel component/Optical adhesive

  • For inquiries and consultations regarding our products, please contact us.