• Superior properties such as strength, electrical insulation, heat resistance, anti-hydrolysis, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, gas barrier property, and low oligomer extraction
  • TEONEX® shows superior durability under high temperature and humidity
  • This exceptional film has the potential to replace other engineering films with added cost performance
  • TEONEX® also has the same handling properties as PET film



  • High Tg and low moisture absorption endows high reliability of electrical insulation under high temperature and humidity
  • Due to good hydrolysis resistance, Teonex® is widely used under high temperature and humidity
  • TEONEX® decreases transmission loss at high frequency GHz band for FPC substrate
  • TEONEX® can be coated and laminated in the same way as PET film
  • Excellent strength and Young's modulus make handling and converting easy
  • Superior moisture and oxygen barrier properties
  • Excellent resistance to organic solvents, chemicals, and oils



Item Unit Q5100
(low shrinkage)
(Super low shrinkage)
* Apply mutatis mutandis to
Thickness μm 50 50 50 JIS C2151*
Tensile strength MD MPa 279 233 233 JIS C2318*
TD 285 276 276
Elongation MD % 121 161 161 JIS C2318*
TD 110 123 123
Heat Shirinkage
(30min at 150℃)
MD % 0.4 0.2 0.1 JIS C2318*
TD 0.3 0.2 0.0
Heat Shirinkage
(10min at 200℃)
MD % 0.7 - 0.4 JIS C2318*
TD 0.8 - 0.1
Heat Shirinkage
(10min at 230℃)
MD % - 1.2 - JIS C2318*
TD - 0.4 -

Above data is typical value, not guaranteed.
*Contact us regarding data details.
*Contact us regarding available thickness.



  • Motor, Dry transformer
  • FPC, Flat cable
  • Fuel cell component
  • Process tape, Adhesion tape


Characteristics Product type Application
Standard Q5100
Transformer, Motor, Process tape,
Adhesion tape, Speaker diagram
Low shrinkage Q5300
FPC, FFC, Process tape, FC component
Super Low shrinkage

※Contact us regarding available thickness (Thickness range of Q5100: 12 to 250 micron)

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