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  • Conductive film that has high transparency and fine conductive layer on its surface


  • Transparent conductive film relies on expertise in a combination of areas— polymers, film forming, and thin film and vacuum technology.
  • A variety of grades are available to suit the intended use

Composition example of Transparent Conductive Film


Item 300R 300RH 500RD TT186 TT205
Thickness(μm) 125 188 188 188 188
ITO Type Amorphous Amorphous Special Amorphous Special Amorphous Crystal
Hard coating Type No AG Fine AG Anti-Fingerprint AG Clear
Anchor coating Type No No Anti-Newton ring(Fine) Anti-Sticking Anti-Newton ring
Surface Resistivity(Ω/□.) 250 250 500 500 450
Total Transmittance (%) 87 85 86 86 87
Haze(%) 0.6 10 14 10 2.5
Pencil Hardness - ≧2H ≧2H ≧2H ≧2H
ITO Adhesion - ≧95/100 ≧95/100 ≧95/100 ≧95/100
Steal wool rubbing
(#0000) 200gf 10times
- No Scratch No Scratch No Scratch No Scratch
Environmental Test(R/R0)
60℃, 90%RH, 500hr.
1.18 1.18 0.95 0.95 1.03

Above data is typical value. not guarantees.


  • Touch panel
  • EL
  • Electromagnetic shielding

Each type Application

Characteristics Type Thickness(μm) Features Application
300R 125 General type Smart window, Electromagnetic shielding, EL
500RD 188 anti-glare hard coat(High-resolution) Resistive Touch screen (POS, FA, OA, etc.)
TT186 188 anti-glare hard coat(Anti-fingerprint)
TT205 188 clear hard coat

Other special grade , concerning the product under development please contact your sales representative.


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