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  • From test method settings, to stability tests for NDAs and to product quality tests, we meet all your needs in pharmaceutical quality testing.
    We also have been entrusted "highly active substance test".(For the handling drug level, please contact us.)

We promise well support

  • 1. Research Support
    • ● Validating originally established testing methodsand customer's set testing methods
    • ● R&D of formulations (injections, solid dosage forms)
  • 2. Stability Testing
    • ● For NDAs (formal stability studies)
    • ● For preliminary studies
  • 3. Other Tests
    • ● Quality tests for combination studies
    • ● Dissolution test for biological equivalence
    • ● Biotechnological product-related tests, protein-related tests
    • ● Pharmaceutical tests (injections, solid dosage forms)

You'll receive high-quality dossiers, including plants, SPOs, worksheets and reports.

  • ● Draw up/print NDA attachments
  • ● Observing compliance review by PMDA and other agencies