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Contract Services

Contract Services

  • Contract manufacturing of injections

    1. - Flexible services - from vials, pre-filled syringes, and formulation study to pharmaceutical finished dosage form.
    2. - Proven track record - manufacturing injections and protein sterile injections for pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.
  • Formulation study (injections)

    Contract formulation (prescription) studies in the early developmental stage.
    In cooperation with our quality testing department, we are capable of performing various types of tests.

  • Contract packaging

    Labeling and packaging for injections and solid dosage forms, or visual inspection as well Ask us! We can package everything, from investigational products to pharmaceuticals finished dosage forms.

  • Contract testing

    From test method settings, to stability tests for NDAs and to product quality tests, we meet all your needs in pharmaceutical quality testing.
    We also have been entrusted "highly active substance test".(For the handling drug level, please contact us.)

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