• Halogen-free flame-retardant relay parts



  • Ultra-thin wall flame retardant 0.4mmt, equivalent to V-0
  • Environmentally friendly halogen-free type
  • High performance in both toughness and flow, which normally require a trade-off
  • Flexibility: No hinge cracks
  • Flow: Multiple pieces can be taken, and even thin-walled parts can be molded with ease
  • Non-bleeding
  • Molding stability: Even complicated shapes are released well


  • <<Physical properties table>>
Grade name GLAMIDE®
PA6-FR (30)
Features Halogen-free flame retardancy,
high flow, high toughness
Composition PA66+PA6-FR(30) PA6-FR(30)
Tensile strength
(yield strength) (MPa)
80 75
Tensile fracture strain (%) >15 6.0
Charpy impact strength
3.1 4.3
UL94 mutatis mutandis Equivalent to V-0 Equivalent to V-0
CTI(IEC60113) >600 >600
  • Both toughness and flow

Note: This image is based on physical properties.

  • Hinge data (when absolutely dry)

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