• Corrugated tube that combines flame retardancy and flexibility



  • Flexibility: Uses thermoplastic polyester elastomer PELPRENE®
  • Flame retardancy: Flame retardant grade is equivalent to V-2
  • Heat resistance: Heat resistance second only to fluorine-based polymers
  • Oil resistance and chemical resistance: Not prone to swelling due to oil, and there is little physical deterioration due to chemicals


  • <<Physical properties table>>
Item Test method Unit PELPRENE® C-type
≪Super heat resistance≫
Surface hardness ASTM D2240 D 60 68
Specific gravity ASTM D792 1.25 1.35
50% Modulus ASTM D638 MPa 17 23
Flexural modulus ASTM D790 MPa 220 380
Tensile strength ASTM D638 MPa 36 33
Tensile elongation ASTM D638 520 460
Crystalline melting point DSC 207 207
Vicat softening temperature ASTM D1525 185 190
MFR(230℃、2.16㎏) ASTM D1238 g/10min 6 2
Flame retardancy UL94 mutatis mutandis Equivalent to HB Equivalent to V-0
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 Ω・㎝ 2×1015 2×1016
  • Oil resistance evaluation
  • 100°C IRM903 immersion test (change in swelling-based weight increase rate over time)