• Environmentally friendly MID for portable battery charging units



  • Reflow soldering resistance: Low water absorption reduces blisters, making it suitable for surface mounting
  • High flow: Effective for molding complicated designs
  • Dimensional stability: Low mold shrinkage factor compared to conventional high melting point polyamides
  • Eco-friendly materials: Uses plant-derived materials, environmentally friendly


  • <<Physical properties table>>
Grade name VYLOAMIDE®MJ-365GT PA66-GF
Features High heat resistance, low water absorption, high flow
Composition PPA + 35% GF reinforced PA66 + 35% GF reinforced
Melting point (°C) 315 265
Flexural strength (Mpa) 250 250
Saturated water absorption* (%) 2.1 4.4
Flexural strength retention after water absortion (%) 87 55
  • * 80°C x 95% RH Absorbs water until saturation
  • Materials used are approximately 30% plant-derived

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