• Engine room hood with high rigidity and impact resistance



  • Carbon fiber nonwoven fabric for press molded CFRTP.
  • High mechanical properties due to long carbon fiber.
  • High formability and moldability.
  • Thermoplastic fiber according to the application and required characteristics.
  • Effective utillization of recycled carbon fiber.
  • Mass production with Maximum width of 2000mm.


  • <<Mechanical properties>>
  • CF/PP=40/60wt%(Vf25%)
項目 Tensile modulus Tensile strength Bending Modulus* Bending strength* Izod impact value
Unit (GPa) (MPa) (GPa) (MPa) (KJ/㎡)
Measured value 39.6 452.9 29.4 249.5 50.1
  • * 3 point bending test
  • It is an actual measurement value in molded CFRTP, not a guaranteed value.