• Door checker with smooth opening and closing



    • High abrasion resistance & low coefficient of friction :
      Abrasion = Constantly keep load after repetition of opening and closing
      Low frictional resistance = Realize smooth opening and closing
    • Weight saving : From metal to resin
    • Toughness : Unbreakable on moving with high impact resistance


  • <<Physical properties table>>
Grade name GLAMIDE®
Non-reinforced PA66
Features Sliding property
/ Low abrasion
/ Toughness
Composition Non-reinforced PA66 Non-reinforced PA66
Flexural strength (Mpa) 99 117
Flexural modulus (GPa) 2.8 2.7
Charpy impact strength (kJ/m2) 12.0 4.5
Taper abrasion
CS-17 1000cycles
(mg/1000 times)
<5 8

    • Limit PV value on thrust abrasion test

    • Abrasion loss on 55kg/cm2 load