• Easy-to-recycle floor carpet



    • Brushed tone
    • Creation of mechanical structure according to molding conditions
    • Environmentally friendly by non Resin coat type
    • ※Resin can be applied; not one material
    • Color toning of nonwoven is possible
      • [Actual vehicle use]
      • Non coat type

      • Color:Black+White
      • [Actual vehicle use]
      • Resin coat type

      • Color:Black+White


Physical characteristics item Unit Actual vehicle use data
non coat type
Test method
Weight g/m2 300 Scale
Thickness 3.7 Thickness gage 30mmΦ
Tensile strength N/5㎝ MD direction 400.0 Graph method
CD direction 480.0
Tear strength N MD direction 40.0 Single tongue method
CD direction 35.0
Taper wear Class 4~3
  • Customize available
  • ※There is limit.
  • ※Not a guaranteed value.