• Cushioning material that provides both body pressure dispersibility and breathability



    • Made from Polyester Elastomer "PELPRENE®"
    • High Resilient Cushioning Property
    • Body Pressure Dispersibility
    • Customizable Structure (ex. Firmness and Thickness)
    • Flame Retardant Grade for Automobile


    • Rebound Resilience
    • Low hysteresis-loss and High resilience.

    • Firmness at 40% compression on a sample is measured, after it is pre-compressed at 75% of the original thickness by Φ200mm disk shaped weight.
    • Breathability
    • Excellent air permeability.

    • JIS L 1096 A (Frazir test)
    • Body Pressure Dispersibility (Seating test)
    • Less pressure concentration, Excellent dispersibility.

    • Breathair®mattress

    • Polyurethane foam mattress

    • Polyester fiber mattress
    • *Testee: height 171cm weight 64kgs
    • Density and Dimensions
    • Firmness and thickness are customizable.
    • Density:20~200kg/m2
    • Thickness:15~100㎜
    • Width:30~140㎝
    • Length:30~240㎝
    • ※Our producible condition depends on combination of density, thickness, fiber cross section, etc. For the details, please feel free to contact us.