• Conductive Paste for forming


  • By mixing metal powder and Vylon, a conductive paste that follows the elongation during forming is developed.
  • No crack and keep resistance values after forming process.
  • Excellent adhesion to PC and PET substrate.


  • Process

  • Properties
Grade name Unit DF-3619 PLA-35 Remarks
Viscosity dPa・s 700 2000 Viscotester
Volume resistivity Ω・㎝ 1.5×10-4 5.0×10-5
Adhesion 100/100 100/100 ISO 2409
Curing condition 100~120℃
Box Oven
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  • Formability

    • Applications

    • Curved surface touch sensor
    • Alternative of wire harness
    • Curved surface heater