• Low pressure molding material that can be waterproofed



  • Eco-friendly because it is a one-component and solvent-free.
  • Less damage to electric parts by low pressure molding and flexibility.
  • Contribute to cost reduction by improving productivity.
  • Contribute to cost reduction by downsizing・thin-wall・weight saving.
  • Highly reliable polyester type that can be adhered to various materials.


  • Low pressure molding material for Sensor and PCB

    • Durabilith of VYLOSHOT®
    • ■Adhesive[PBT(GF30%)]
    • 1. Heat cycleresistance ー40℃⇄105℃ 30minute cycle
      Heat cycle resistance −40℃⇄105℃ 30minute cycle

    • ■Adhesive[PBT(GF30%)]
    • 2. Heat/humidity resistanve 85℃×85%RH

    • ■Mechanical properties
    • Adhesive[PBT(GF30%)]
      Heat/humidity resistanve 85℃×85%RH

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