• Adhesive for Lithium ion battery pouch which can be laminated at low temperature.



  • Low temperature lamination. (around 80℃)
  • Excellent intial peeling strength
  • Excellent electrolyte solution resistance
  • Short curing
  • Long pot life


  • Recommended formulation
Process Recommended conditions Remarks
Composition ①PMA-KE solution 100g
②CH 39g
③MEK 51g
④LAE-004 1.7g
・Recommended to follow the exact composition ratio to get the right performance.
・Please charge in order from ① to ④ while stirring.
・Good compatibility can be given by dilution. (MEK, CH)
CH:Cyclohexane MEK: Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Coating Coating amount=2g/m2(Dry)
Cr3+treated aluminum
Drying 100℃×1min
Laminating 80℃×1m/min×0.3MPa Lamination temperature over 80 ℃ is recommended to get the right performance
Curing 40℃×5D 40℃×5Days curing is recommended to get the right adhesion strength.
  • Test result
Main Agent PMA-KE Solution (wt.) 100
Dilute solvent Cyclohexane (wt.) 39
MEK (wt.) 51
Hardner LAE-0041) (wt.) 1.7
LAE-004 compositon ratio against PMA-KE 5.5phr
Formulation NV 11wt%
Solvent ratio CH/MEK=65/35wt.
Peeling strength Initial (N/15mm) >10*
Electrolyte solution     85℃×1D(N/15mm)
After dipping               
(1000ppm hydrogenation)     (N/15mm) >10*
  • 1)N.V.=65wt% MEK solution
    *CPP substrate failure(CPP)
  • 〇Electrolyte solution dipping test
  • Composition:EC(Ethylene carbonate)/DEC(Diethyl carbonate) / DMC (Dimethyl carbonate)=1/1/1(wt)
  • +LiPF6(=1mol/L)
  • Water added amount:1000ppm

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