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What is so cool about Tsunooga® Fabric?

  • ※Graph shows q-max value
  • ※Test with each material 100% fabric
  • ※Tested by TOYOBO Research Center

Clearly different from other
cooling products!!

  • ※Tested with surface fabric of each pillow pad ΔT=20℃

Tsunooga® fabric has very high thermal diffusivity, therefore, cooling recovers quickly every time you turn over in bed.
Tsunooga® is a multiple filament yarn which is a bundle of very fine filaments.
By reducing the diameter of the filament to only 12 μm,(almost 1/5 of human hair) the surface area of the yarn is increased, and the thermal diffusivity and heat dissipation are also increased.
As a result, cooling recovers very quicky.

Tsunooga® fabric is machine washable at home.
Cooling property come from fiber characteristics, therefore washing durability is clearly different from post-processed fabric.

-High thermal diffusivity fiber-
Yarn itself has cooling charactoristic,
Almost no difference after washes.

-Cooling material will drop by washing-
Post-processed cooling fabric (ex. Xylitol)
will reduce its function after several washes.
  • ※If fabric get a fluff after repeated washes, it may cause of cooling degradation.
  • ※Tsunooga® is heat sensitive material, so we do not recommend you to use tumble dryer or iron.