TOYOBO Packaging films

Example Schemes Classified by Use

  • Representative Package Structures
Examples of Components are here:
Usage Contents Requested Features
Retort food Curry (high retort) Heat resistance, Barrier property, Tightly sealed
Cooked beans (semi retort)
Business Usage
Noodles Instant noodles Moisture proof property, Hot tack property
Raw noodles, Half-dried noodles Packaging machinery aptitude, Barrier property
Raw noodles (heat sterilized) Pneumatized boiling, Anti-bag breakage
Bread Bread Fusion sealed strength, Low temperature tolerance
Sweetened bread Fusion sealed strength
Rice cakes Raw cut rice cakes (aseptic type) Barrier property, Pinhole resistance
Rice Rice Load collapse prevention, Handleability
Soup Powdered soup Barrier property, Cutting property, Rapid filling suitability, Pinhole resistance
Liquid soup (small bag)
Wet foods Konjak Anti-bag breakage, Sealing, Discoloration prevention
Pickles Discoloration prevention, Sealing, Acid resistance(dyed with ONY)
Shavings Dried bonito shavings Gas barrier property, Moisture proof property, Antistatic, Odorless
Frozen food Cooked food (croquette)
Seafood, Vegetables
Cold tolerance, Waterproof Pinhole resistance, Impact strength
Delicacies Seafood delicacies, Animal delicacies Barrier property, Pinhole resistance
Meat Ham, Sausages Barrier property, Pinhole resistance
Milk processed foods Cheese Barrier property, Pinhole resistance
Coffee, Tea Coffee Moisture proof property, Aroma retaining property, Anti-oxidation
Green tea Moisture proof property, Aroma retaining property, Anti-oxidation, Lightproof, Sealing, Pinhole resistance, Odorless
Sweets Snacks Antioxidation, Dampproofness, Lightproof, Aroma retaining property, Sealing
Half-dried sweets Barrier property, Pinhole resistance
Candy Moisture proof property, Packaging machinery aptitude
Rice crackers, Fried snacks,Biscuits, Cookies Barrier property, (Oxygen, Vaporized water)
Cereal Cornflakes Moisture proof property, Gas barrier property
Pet food Jerky Staple food Barrier property, Pinhole resistance
Non-food goods Wet tissues Moisture proof property, Content resistance
Refilling detergent shampoo (small bags) Machinery aptitude, Barrier property, Cutting property

*Barrier property: Oxygen barrier or Vaporized water barrier.